Hot Yet Humiliating

This past week, my fiancé was arrested for prostitution. This whole thing caught me by surprise. I didn't have a clue. She and her three best buddies set up their own escort service about a year ago. They had an apartment across town they had been using to see customers. It was in the newspaper and even made the TV news. We met in college and had been dating on and off for four years. We got engaged a year and a half ago. She and her three girlfriends have been real tight ever since I met her. I work full-time now and travel with my job. I was not suspicious of anything. Over the past year she has gotten several piercings and three tattoos. I have been surprised at the amount of spending money she's had recently. She's also asked me to do some unusual things recently during sex. After the bust, I read in the paper that they had a website that advertised their escort service. It was still up. When I opened the website, a picture of the four of them naked with their arms around each other came up, but they were wearing costume masks that hid their eyes. I could still tell it was them. There was a link to each one of them. So, I clicked the one with my fiancé's picture and escort name. There were several pictures of her with that mask on. She was completely naked in most but had some thigh-high stockings on in some. There was a link to reviews. I clicked it and found a site where customers of escorts sent in reviews of their service. There were about twenty-five reviews of my fiancé under her escort name. I had to pay by credit card to read the so-called juicy stuff. So, I did. I read very detailed information of their sexual encounters. The customers were giving her the highest ratings. There really didn't seem to be anything she wouldn't do. She and her friends were even putting on two-girl sex shows for customers. What is so strange is that I got turned on when I read the reviews. I don't want to break up with her. Yet it is all so humiliating because all of our families and friends now know. She will graduate in just a few months and has already started planning the wedding with her three buddies as bridesmaids. I haven't made up my mind as to what I am going to do.

— Ryan, 24

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