Small Town Thrills

I just moved to town from my place in the city for work. I am a frequent cross dresser and always did it under cover of my apartment or late night hallway. After several weeks in my new place, I discovered that unlike the big city, everyone goes to bed early and the streets are empty. This was way too tempting for me. Now, most nights I get out my wardrobe of a midnight blue dress, corset with built-in falsies, garter belt, thigh highs, wig, and matching blue stiletto heels. Once dressed, I walk outside and decide which way to walk. Once I have made a trip around the block in secrete hopes that someone will see me, I return home to please this sexy female body in the mirrors. I have a few friends here, but I would love for someone to realize that I want to be pleasured as a woman, and then not judge me after I am sexually satisfied. I have given a man oral several years ago, but my new desire is to have a stranger take me like a full fledged woman.

— Dean, 46

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