Held Back By Wife

If it weren't for my wife, I would be in a dress right now. She doesn't care for any of that kind of stuff. I dream of walking through a mall in a tight black or red dress that is only mid thigh length, four inch heels, and a long, blonde wig. They say blondes have more fun. I would go into a lingerie store and trying on the hottest goodies that I could buy. My breast forms would fill up the thin lace of one of the bras. I would have barely enough room to fit in the G string. After purchasing a few things, I would walk around wiggling my butt to anyone that would look at me. That and the thought of my member burning up under the short dress would make me run to a bathroom to relieve all the urges pent up inside. I would need to use the ladies room, only to find it full and everyone staring at me. When I finally get into a stall and stand there, I hear someone ask if they can help me with my problem. Wow, it's not a problem anymore. Right there in a bathroom full of women, we have the most sensational sex that you could imagine and no one bothers us. We do have quite a few onlookers, though. I would get her name and phone number for some fun in the future. Leaving the bathroom, I feel red hot for some more fun.

— Cody, 35

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