Interesting People Wanted

I was delighted to read a notice at an adult sex shop asking for "interested people" to drop in on a swingers party. I called the number and got the address. My wife and I did lots of swinging. She has since passed away. So, I went as a single man to the party. There were six people in various stages of undress. Being a nudist, I immediately stripped and joined the party. Somehow that excited everyone to get nude, and the fun began. There were lots of oral exchanges. After the first round, we took a break and told our "love" stories. Everyone loved swinging, swapping, group sex, and for one old gal, gang-banging. One woman asked her how many men she had at one gangbang. She said, "Ten, and it took all night. I couldn't walk for two days after that." A younger woman said she always wanted to try it. So, us men got a second opportunity and took her on. They were all nice, sexy, polite people, and we exchanged phone numbers. Looks like I did the right thing by responding to that notice.

— Randy, 45

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