Video Highlights

I always was trying to get my girlfriend to let me video our sex. After some heavy pleasing, she left me set it up; however, it had to be out of sight. Once we did it and viewed it, she surprisingly said how sexy it was and that she wanted to do more on video. One night, we had been to a party and ended up back at my place with another couple. The subject came up about ordering a porno from cable. I said that I had a porno we could watch. I popped the homemade video in and right away you could see everyone's excitement. Instantly, everyone started to make out, leading to oral sex. I slipped out to get the camera; turning it on and recording. Before I realized what was happening, my girlfriend and the other girl started to make out. After a short while, they ended up trading oral with each other. I was in total disbelief, but the proof is on tape. Now if we want a quick turn on, we pop it in and get to work.

— Cooper, 34

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