She Started It!

This is a short confession; not a lot has happened yet. It began one morning when the mother-in-law was visiting from Miami and my wife had stepped out to the grocery store. I was still in my bed debating on should I sleep in for another ten minutes or get up. The thing was, I heard my mother-in-law talking to my wife before my wife stepped out, so I knew she was here. I was still in my bed covered from head to toe because I have some kicking air conditioning. To make a long story short, my mother-in-law walked into my bedroom, walked over to my side of the bed, and proceeded to lift the covers from my waist down. I had morning excitement and it had slipped from my boxers, so my sheet looked like a circus tent. She observed me for about a minute and I played it off like I was still asleep. She didn't touch anything; I'm not going to lie and say she did. Then, she put the sheet down and walked out of the room because the wife was on her way home. To be honest, I really enjoyed it. Ever since then, I have this fantasy of doing her. She's in her late fifties and I've been married to her daughter for twenty years. She still looks good. Could this be the beginning of something with the mother-in-law? I hope so. She started it and now I'm going to finish it. I'll keep you guys up to date as things progress. Thanks for reading this.

— Colin, 40

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