I Never Knew

I had started to date Kayla, a girl I had known for about three years. One night soon after we started to date, I ended up staying the weekend with her at her parent's house in Long Island. Knowing that we were going to be there for one night, I packed a bag and off we went. The first day there, I helped her father do a roof coating on their barn. I ended up getting the stuff all over me and had to trash my clothes, leading me to being short an outfit. Long story short, we stayed an extra two days and I had no underwear or clothes to wear. Kayla mentioned that I could wear her panties and some of her jean shorts if I needed to. After putting on a pair of yellow silk panties that felt spectacular, I became excited. Even her pair of shorts could not contain my excitement. As I walked out to show her my look, she noticed that I had an overwhelming excitement to let loose. She told me that she never knew how sexy I would look in women's panties and I told her I never knew how sexy I would feel with a pair on. This led us to a very intense session on the bed. It's been three months since the first pair and they are all I wear now. Who knew that these things would feel so right and fit so good!

— Craig, 36

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