Womanless Beauty Pageant

A local chapter of the cancer society needed to raise money in our town. Someone suggested a womanless beauty pageant. I was a little leery about the idea, but my wife said it was for a good cause. She started out shaving every little hair off my body. She even went as far as to pluck my eyebrows. She said it needed to be done if I wanted to win. When I entered the bedroom, there were a bunch of different clothes on the bed to try on. She gave me a pair of pink and black striped panties and matching push-up bra to put on. We spent the next three hours picking the right dress for the pageant, which ended up being a tight fitting black one that I barely fit into. She said by the time she was done with me, it would fit. She brought out a corset that sucked my stomach in so tight, I could hardly breathe. Then, I put the dress back on and zipped it all the way up. I couldn't believe the feel of it. With the push-up bra on, it looked like I had natural breasts. The black five inch heel sandals made me stand up straighter with my chest sticking out. She added a wig and some makeup and long fingernails. When I looked in the mirror I couldn't believe my eyes; I wanted myself so bad. I was so hot; it didn't even look like me. My wife said if I won, this was only the beginning.

— Steve, 35

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