The Mark Of Evidence

I have always been a closet cross dresser. Weekends alone in full dress, nights of sleeping in a nightie, days of going to work in bra, panties and stockings. However, I have recently started to date a beautiful woman and slacked off somewhat with this play. This past week I wore my usual bra and panty to work and when I got home, she was waiting for me with take out for supper. I decided to go to my room and change into something more comfortable. I quickly undressed and as I started to put on a fresh shirt, she walked in. Hugging me she noticed marks on my back. I quickly turned and as I tried to put on my shirt, she asked, "Were you wearing a bra?" I was speechless at first, and then had to explain. Revealing my secret, I figured she would freak and run. She told me she knew a guy in college that had done it and it was weird, but she accepted it. I showed her my panties and later she said she wants to shop together for them. After what I thought was going to get ugly, it ended up being a good thing. The sex that night was extremely hot as well.

— Jonathan, 37

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