Never Too Old!

A woman I've known at work for nearly twenty years recently had a birthday, and her co-workers decorated her office. The sign said "Happy 70th!" Until the company moved Maria's work station, we sat in the same area and had some common projects. From the first meeting, we would flirt with each other. I thought she was my age, so I asked her about the "joke" sign. She smiled and said it was not a joke and that she was seventy years old, which was fifteen years older than me! I expressed my shock and told her I'd like to take her out for a birthday drink. She agreed. This woman does not look a day over fifty-five. She's only five feet tall with narrow hips, relatively smooth skin, and huge breasts. Of course, we flirted with each other at the bar, but we each thought the other was married. After a couple of drinks, the talk came more freely. I found out that she had been widowed twenty years earlier, and that was why she went back to work. She wore her wedding ring because she could no longer get it off her finger. I explained that I had been widowed five years earlier. After more drinks, it came out that the flirting over the years was more than half serious on both sides. I complemented her on how great she looked, and I asked her what she thought sex at seventy would be like. She knew I was checking out her body and said she had not had a man since her husband died. Then she smiled and said, "With the right guy, I'd like to find out." I knew that was the go ahead, so I followed her back to her apartment. It was an exciting drive because I wanted to find out if those breasts were as nice without clothes on as with. She had exercise equipment in her living room and said she liked to keep fit. She certainly does! Probably because we are both old-fashioned, we did not just jump into bed. She made a couple more drinks, and then we started to kiss. She apologized for being out of practice, but did she ever relearn quickly! My hands started to roam all over her body. I had not been this excited in years, but this really turned me on. It must have taken us nearly half an hour to undress each other. We were both enjoying the mutual seduction so much. As I carried her to the bedroom, I whispered that I would make her scream. She just said, "Be gentle with me." It was the most passionate all-night sex I had ever had. It's been four months now since that first time. We both know the relationship is purely sexual, but at our ages we don't care. We just can't get enough of each other. We spend every weekend together and alternate between homes. Both places get cleaned and tidied, and we have great sex in between. At night we just nap and have sex. During the week? Let's just say life is good!

— Orson, 55

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