Discovering The Cougar

I just recently divorced from a seven year marriage. It was a dull, never happy relationship that seldom produced sex. I was lucky to get it twice a month. Over the past year, I have gotten rather close to a forty-seven year old lady that had lost her husband to cancer. I found myself doing a lot of odd jobs when ever she would need something done. She is rather attractive and has no problem flaunting her sexual desires once she discovered that I was divorced. One day, I finished trimming some trees for her and she asked if I had any plans later. She then invited me out to dinner. I accepted and she said she would pick me up at seven. I was ready at the appointed time and off we went. I had never been wined and dined by a woman, so I was not sure how to react. After we ate and drank wine, we had some very intense conversations on everything from past girlfriends and boyfriends, to ex-wives and husbands. Around ten, we decided to go to her place to finish the conversation. This lead to her seducing me in everyway possible; and I know now what a true cougar is, and I love it. She was the best lay I ever had and taught me a number of new things that my wife never would have dreamed about. I am game for our next date, although I'm hoping she will want to stay home and let out the cougar to play with me. I will keep you posted as to the next date because she says I have just scratched the surface as to what kind of sexual things she likes.

— Howard, 36

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