Hot Art Teacher

I got detention one day, and my art teacher was taking the detention. For some reason, she and I were the only ones there. She said, "You can come to my classroom, if you want, and do some art because I have some paperwork to do." So I went and did some course work. She kept walking past me and touching me, like accidently on purpose. When the detention was finished and I was about to leave, she pulled me aside and kissed me. The next week, I made myself get detention again just to see her. This time, she was wearing a short skirt, fishnets, and some high heels; which made her look really hot. That evening, we both went to her car and we had the best sex ever. I have since left that school, but I have her number and always text her. But, I will never forget that evening or her for that amazing detention.

— Joe, 22

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