First Time Leads To More

When I was a teenager, I worked at a grocery store where there was an older guy who I had heard was homosexual. It all seemed so kinky. One night when it was quitting time, it was raining and he offered me a ride home. First, I told him I was probably going to go downtown where everybody hung out and was not going home. He suggested we hang out for awhile and I thought about it and said okay. He bought some beer and took me out to a secluded place outside of town. As I expected, he begin to test me as to what I wanted and would do. I was very surprised when I became aroused with the experience and in response, voluntarily gave him oral for my very first time. Afterward, he said, "Please do not tell anyone," and I said, "Okay." He asked me if I had enjoyed it; I was still amazed and said, "Yes, I loved every minute of it." Before we left that night, I did it again and this was the start of two and a half year relationship with him for mutual satisfaction which we both kept secret. At his request, I agreed to cross dressing to please him and over time, submitted to whatever he desired for pleasure. To this day many years later, wearing women's lingerie and providing oral satisfaction to certain men is something I really enjoy. I have several now who call me on my cell phone when they are in the mood and arrange a meeting for me to service them. I love it.

— Ed, 60

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