Cutting The Grass

I am a nineteen year old male and I live with my widowed mother. Our next door neighbor is a sixty year old friend of my mother's named Elizabeth, and both of them have been close friends for as long as I can remember. I have fantasized about Elizabeth since my early teens, and she always had the habit of giving me a kiss when she leaves our house. She has looked after herself over the years, and always dresses in tight fitting tweed skirts. She has long shapely legs and nice shaped breasts. Since it has been ten years since her husband died, I often get the impression that she would like a man in her life. Two months ago, I overheard my mother telling Elizabeth that I would cut her grass and do any other small jobs around the house. Cutting the grass was apparently getting too much for her. On the appointed day, I went over to Elizabeth's house and got the mower from the garden hut. She was dressed in a checked tweed skirt that left nothing to the imagination, a white cotton blouse, and, I noticed, no tights. After cutting the grass, during which I had removed my top as it was a warm day, I came back into the house where Elizabeth had coffee and snack waiting for us both. We took it into the living room, where we chatted for a short while. Sitting close to her, it wasn't long before I got excited and had an urge to put my arms around her. She asked how much she should pay me for cutting the grass. I refused her money and told her just to give me a kiss. She laughed and said she always gave me a kiss and with that, she bent forward to kiss me on the cheek. I took the bull by the horns and reached out and pulled her towards me, held her close, and gave her a long kiss on the lips. She was startled and tried to pull away, but I was too strong for her and pulled her down onto the divan. I continued to kiss her while undoing her skirt. Her reluctance became less and eventually stopped. After that, we made love. When we finished, we lay together for a while and eventually I told her that I expected the same payment every time I cut her grass. If I didn't hear from her when the grass was due to be cut, then I'd know she didn't want a repeat performance. She only replied that we shouldn't have done what we did. I kissed her and left with a great feeling of satisfaction. Three weeks later, she asked me to come and cut her grass. We are now an item and we sleep together when my mother is away on business or on holiday. The sex is out of this world and Elizabeth has taught me a great number of things.

— Kyle, 19

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