Oh My!

I was helping my girlfriend clean out some of her older clothes she did not wear anymore and I discovered she had a bridesmaid's dress that she had worn some years before to a wedding. Once I seen it, I had an overwhelming urge to try it on. After placing several garments in boxes for the local charity stores, I placed them in the spare room. All the while, I was thinking of the dress. The next day, she was to go grocery shopping and I knew this would take some time. Once she left, I immediately went to the boxes and took out the dress. This thing had spaghetti straps and was a peach color chiffon material with pearl inlays. I stripped and decided to go all out. I went to her dresser and put on a pair if her thongs with thigh high stockings. Also, I found a strapless boustia to put on. Everything fit rather snugly, but once I dressed and walked in front of the mirror, it was magical. I was instantly excited. I walked around the house and decided to play one of our porno movies and pleasure myself to it while I was dressed. I got so caught up in the movie, the feeling of the dress, and the look that I did not hear my sister come in to the house. Before I knew it, I heard screaming, "Oh my! Oh my!" I was startled and embarrassed, and I ran to my room. I eventually came out and said to her that I hadn't stopped wearing women's cloths since I was younger. She had caught me when I was a teenager wearing her things. So far, she has not told my girlfriend, but I am leaning toward telling or showing her myself.

— Brian, 36

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