Wrestling Match

I work in a footwear shop and my wife is a gym instructor. She has a friend who also works as a gym instructor in another gym. We like to watch wrestling matches together with her. One day, I came home from my shop and the both of them were at our house. After some time, my wife and her friend started to speak about wrestling. They both are about the same size and I asked if both of them were to wrestle, who would win? They both became very interested to test their strength. I arranged our hall to stage a match, and both of them removed their clothes, leaving on only a bra and panties. They started to fight and both fell down. It became a serious match as they were of equal strength. After twenty-five minutes, my wife was totally under the control of her friend and she surrendered to her. It was the greatest real match of my life. My wife was crying as her friend said, "I proved my strength." She was rubbing her victory in and I was upset as well.

— Prithvi, 28

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