Mature Lady

There is a lady who is about sixty-five or so, who lives two houses down from me. Whenever she is out walking and sees me washing my new car or if I drive by her in my car, she always comments on how much she likes it and how she'd love to go for a ride in it. So one day around dusk, after I finished washing it, she was going by again and I jokingly said, "Okay, let's go." To my surprise (she is married and so am I; my wife works nights), she strolled over and got in! I got in and we took off. She was positively cooing over going for a ride for some odd reason. Well, I dropped her off about twenty minutes later and went home. The next night around nine, there was a knock at the door. There she was and she handed me a little brown bag. She said, "Thanks for the ride. I had these on today and thought you might want them," and walked away. Well they were a pair of light blue panties and they smelled great! Did I wear those suckers out! I took her for more rides in the following year or so and she'd always bring me panties the next day. Then her husband passed and she moved. I'll never ever forget her.

— Manuel, 55

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