Sharing My Sexy Wife

I have such a sexy wife. We've been together since high school. I loved to see her dress in sexy clothes from the start. It would get me excited seeing my friends stare at her body. I found out she loved the attention too. This progressed to actually wanting her to be with other men. I first shared her with a friend of mine named Roy. He was always around and was present during some of her flashing. After a night of drinking, I couldn't help myself and started to undress her. Then, as we were having sex, I called Roy over and she looked at me with those big eyes and almost pleaded with me, "Can I have him?" What could I do? Roy became the first of well over two hundred guys who have had the opportunity to experience sex with her. The twenty years we've been together have been incredible. Of course, she has been kind enough to me to set up many threesomes with some of her friends. Life is good. Don't you wish you could see your wife with another man?

— Zane, 32

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