More Than Flirting

I have always thought my mother-in-law was beautiful. Our story started with a little flirting, and then one day she told me out of the blue that I needed to be careful at work because there were always women out there trying to cause problems. She told me that if she and I were not married, she would be doing more than flirting. I asked her, "Like what?" and she stepped up and planted a kiss that almost caused me to lose it. A few weeks later, the in-laws were spending the night and as everyone was going to bed, she asked if I could wait a few minutes as she had something she needed to give me. She told me to wait in the dining room and she would be right back. A few minutes later, into the dining room walked my mother-in-law in a very sheer white teddy with no panties. She smiled and said I want to give myself to you. I took her on the dining room table for some of the best sex I have ever experienced. The fun has not stopped to this day and let me tell you, for a seventy-four year old woman, she can do some of the wildest things. The wildest to date is either oral in clothing store dressing room or sex in the public shower at a campground.

— Dan, 50

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