Caught Red Faced

My wife went for groceries and I stayed home. Knowing she would be gone for awhile, I decided to watch a porno that a buddy from work had given me. About twenty minutes into the tape, I had a huge desire to pleasure myself. I didn't realize that my wife had left the garage door open and there is only a screen door on the kitchen. From the screen, you can see directly into our TV room. While in the middle of my pleasure, I turned around to grab a towel from the kitchen and was shocked to see my neighbor Marie standing there. As I embarrassingly tried to hide my half exposed body, she said, "I'm sorry," and explained that she needed to borrow two eggs. I quickly zipped up and stopped the tape. She calmly said not to be embarrassed, that her husband does it all the time and it turns her on. She then told me that if I ever wanted to borrow some of their porno, she would let me. I did not know what to say as she expressed her thanks for the eggs and said my red face was thanks enough. I am waiting to take her up on the offer as soon as I get up the courage.

— Sean, 39

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