A Good Match For Now

My former friend and neighbor left his wife in the early spring and moved to another state. Teresa was left to deal with all of the bills she and her husband accumulated. I volunteered to help her get the properties up to code in order to sell them so that she could make a fresh start. Late one afternoon, I was repairing their washing machine when Teresa came to the laundry room to see if I needed anything. I always had a hard time keeping my eyes off of her. She had natural beauty and an outrageously sexy body, which she had always tried to hide with frumpy clothes. I knew I needed to finish the washer and get home because I was afraid I'd say or do something that might upset her. She was a very quiet and shy person. So, I told her I didn't need anything. Ten minutes later as I was finishing the washer, Teresa came down to the basement for a hammer and was digging through a box of hardware looking for a nail. I asked her if she wanted a screw. She looked at me and smiled a great-big smile and replied, "Yes!" I then realized the sexual innuendo. As she walked towards me, I realized a long time dream of mine was about to come true. I grabbed her, kissed her, and proceeded to lift her to the top of the newly repaired washer. We made mad, crazy love for the rest of the afternoon, evening, and late into the morning of the following day. Every room of the house had seen sex-play that day. Months later, I am still repairing things for her. She is twelve years younger than me. Although neither of us see any future together, we are a good match for now.

— R.J., 45

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