Neighborhood Travels

I went on vacation with my wife and some of our neighbor friends to Cancun, Mexico. The first evening we got there, somehow our hotel room reservations got messed up. So, we ended up sharing our room with one of our female neighbors. We had a suite-type room, a rather large place. I agreed to sleep on the couch, while my neighbor and wife slept on the bed. I was very tired from traveling. So, I decided to go to bed early as the next day we had a lot planned for sightseeing. I woke up around 1:00 AM wanting to go to the restroom. I heard whispering in the room followed by moans. I got a little nosey about the matter. After a few minutes, I figured out that my wife and our neighbor were playing with each other. I built up my courage and decided to get up. I went straight to the bathroom and then as I came out, I went straight to the bed. They both were stunned for few seconds. My neighbor grabbed me and gave me oral. My wife pushed me to the bed to have her way with me. I took my turns with both of them. It was an incredible evening. No one else knows about this little secret. The three of us still hook up every few weeks. A little kinky, but it was fun.

— Hank, 30

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