Sexy Beast

My wife has to travel to her company's factories often, and one of them has been the scene of a few of her sexy stories. She has the sexiest body I have ever seen; lean and muscled, and she dresses in tight khakis and a tight top when she travels for work. She meets with many of the managers there, and every night when she calls me from her hotel, she tells me about the many men who ogled her body and flirted with her. She was at the plant on her last trip and one of the younger managers, who always pays her a lot of attention, had set up a three hour meeting. She was in his office and he was standing behind her, very close, as they looked at the computer monitor to go over some work. He put his hands on her shoulders and squeezed them a few times. She was aware that he wanted her and decided it was time to make fantasy become reality. She rolled her chair away and put her hands behind her head so he could get a good look at her chest and biceps. As he stood in front talking to her, she slowly flexed her biceps for him and watched his eyes move to her arms. Then she flexed her peck muscles a bit so her breasts moved at her command. With Stephan's eyes glued to her chest, she reached her hand out to feel his chest and whisper to him that she had been fantasizing about him since the last time they had met. He smiled at her and nodded. She moved closer to him, and told him what she wanted. My wife told me this story as we made love, and it made me very excited. I am not jealous of her behavior; I told her to take him every time she goes to that plant, and to tell me all the details when she comes home. God, what a sexy beast my wife is.

— Rob, 25

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