I Wish I Had Told Her

Like a lot of guys here, I began wearing women's underwear at a young age. I thought it was just something I did. I didn't realize that it was an expression of my gender identity. I always thought I could just quit anytime and never do it again. The only explanation I could come up with was that my mother ran off when I was seven and I just missed the feminine touch in my life. Getting married would cure that, right? Wrong. Getting married gave me access to the most complete women's wardrobe I had ever had. Five years into our marriage, my wife caught me in her clothes. Guys, let me tell you, getting caught is no way for your wife to find out you like to wear her clothes. She was very shocked and horrified. She stuck by me and has come to accept it. Now, thirty years later, I wear what I want and she still finds me attractive. I wish I had armed myself with information about being transgendered and told her at a time of my choosing.

— Henry, 54

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