Flexing Affair

My wife is a fitness fanatic and she has built a fabulous body with sexy lean muscles and gorgeous breasts. She works out every day and has entered a couple fitness contests. It is thrilling for me to be in the audience when my wife is on stage in a bikini, posing and flexing for the audience. I get aroused every time I think about her getting checked out by all the guys in the seats who are fantasizing about her. She hired a professional trainer to get her into such amazing shape; a young guy with muscles all over. I found out that not only has she been paying him to train her, she has been giving him a lot more than money. As we were making love one night, she told me all about her affair with him. When she first started training for a competition, she was intimidated by the thought of posing on stage in a bikini. He thought a good way to cure her of that would be to pose for him, wearing less and less each time. She would work out at his private gym and after her workout, he would train her in various poses. She would stand in front of him watching herself in the mirror as he felt her muscles when she flexed. It started with her posing in her sports bra and shorts, his hands feeling every inch of her hard body. Soon she was topless as she flexed for him, his hands enjoying her breasts as well as her biceps and abs. She told me that it was an incredible feeling the first time she was completely naked in front of this sexy young man with the perfect body, his hands owning her own perfect body. The more he felt her, the harder she flexed for him. This happened a couple times - my wife naked in front of the mirror, her trainer enjoying her muscled, sexy body. But soon, that wasn't enough for her. She told him that she wanted to flex in front of the mirror while he gave her oral sex. When they finished, he was aroused and quickly stripped his clothes off to show her his own body. They had sex for the first time that day, and many times after that. She told me that she got more excited with him than she had ever done in her life. After the competition though, he moved on to a new woman and my wife was mine again. I am jealous of her trainer, jealous that he gave something I cannot, but more than that, I am incredibly turned on every time I think of my wife with that man. I think about it all the time and my wife lets me have her whenever I want. Now she flexes for me, and she gives me the most incredible sex of my life.

— Matt, 33

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