Living Out A Fantasy

Recently, the fantasy I've had for years came true. My prudish, but good looking, wife of almost nineteen years got pretty drunk one night while we were at a fund raiser function for our kid's school. We had planned on staying at a downtown hotel for the night. While having a nightcap at the hotel bar, we met someone who my wife seemed to enjoy talking with. I kept pumping her with alcohol and as we were leaving to go to our room, I whispered our room number to our new friend and simply said, "One hour." After I got her to our room, she changed into her pajama's and I quickly tried to get her aroused, which is extremely hard to do especially knowing I only had forty-five minutes left to work with. Well, I was trying my best and sure enough, the door knock came as expected. I was scared and excited. She quickly was concerned, but I told her if she really wanted to have the night of her life, to please have an open mind. I got up and let him in while she was still in bed. My wife got up and put on her robe while I quickly provided a drink for both of them. To make a long story short, she finally gave in and I got to watch my prudish wife take him. If I could, I would have done her afterwards, but I was concerned that my wife could only take so much at one time. She seemed to enjoy it as she gave herself to him and I can't describe how excited I was to realize my fantasy was coming true. Now, I am trying to think of how to do this again. We've never mentioned that night again. She acts as if it never happened.

— Lloyd, 27

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