That Night In Mexico

My wife and I were staying at an all-inclusive resort that is also clothing optional. With unlimited booze and the fun of knowing that nobody around knows who we really were, it made for a potential fun time above the normal. My wife was very hammered. When we left the pool bar she had to be assisted by me to the point of almost being carried to the room. Along the way, I saw several people watching me with the drunk beauty. Among those observing were a couple of young guys that no doubt wished they were in my shoes, or sandals at this point. I got her up to the room and she was totally passed out. Our room was stunning; at the end of the hallway with the best view and somewhat secluded doorway entrance. She had made me promise that if she got drunk, I would have a very memorable time. Not too tough for me to promise that, right? We had fantastic sex, even though she doesn't remember it at all. There she was, on the bed and totally naked. I got up to get cleaned up and noticed that our room door was still open. But, as our room was at the end and around the corner, there was nobody that even noticed or walked by. However, it did give me an idea. What if I invited someone to see what I have here inside my room? Wow, just the though if it got me going again, so off I went to find some lucky guy to take a peek at my wife. I found a guy around twenty-three years old by himself in the hallway. I pretended to be drunk, went up to him, and asked if he wanted to "pass my wife who's drunk to see naked" (see my passed out wife who is naked. I figured if I slurred and made little sense, he would still understand and take the bait, which he did). He lit up and said, "Sure." We returned to the room where I told him to be very quiet or she would wake up. He complied and we entered the room. "She's beautiful," he said upon getting that view of her. I motioned for him to get closer as I put on the full drunk impression. He said to me, "You won't remember any of this tomorrow, will you? And, neither will she?" I stumbled out a, "Naaaa," while weaving. He fell for it. I motioned for him to touch her. This guy seemed like a virgin as he was so scared to touch her he actually was shaking. "Put your hand here," I told him. Again, he was so scared, he hesitated. I literally took his hand and placed it on her, and then instructed him to pleasure her. I motioned for him to touch her breasts, but he was too scared. After a while, he said, "I have to go," and got up and walked out. I never saw him again, but no doubt he will see that night in his mind for years to come. As for me, I had to do her again two more times. I still get excited replaying that night in Mexico.

— Eli, 43

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