Christmas And Cocktails

We went to a very exclusive Christmas cocktail party. Once there, it was very crowded and we did not know a lot of people, but decided to mingle. Finally, we met some friends that we knew and started to talk. As the evening wore on, my wife became somewhat tipsy and started to get frisky. There were a lot of sexy women there in fancy dresses. She became very excited and asked if I would want to have sex with various women she pointed out. I said yes to all of them and she started to talk to one. Before the night was over, she was handed an invitation to an after-hours party. We were not sure at first what it was, but then our friend said it was a swinger's party. On a dare, we went and it was awkward at first, but my wife fell for another couple immediately. We entered a private room and they started quickly stripping my wife; all I could do was watch as if it was a dream. Eventually, I joined in with the other woman, but my wife was the one that got the full treatment. It was great; we will be rejoining them as this will be a frequent occurrence.

— Scott, 39

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