She's A Real Doll

My wife threw a surprise fiftieth birthday party for me. Friends were told to give gag gifts, and one of them got me a blow up sex doll. Several weeks later; my wife inflated the doll, dressed her in some lingerie, and placed her in our bed. When I went to bed, they were both ready for me. My wife asked jokingly if I wanted a threesome. I laughed and she (my wife) started to give me oral. Then, I returned the favor to her. She said she wanted me to have sex with the doll as she watched, and I did. I had her give the doll oral while I had sex with it. This has become a regular thing and she has even bought a strap-on for the doll to wear so that the doll can give us both pleasure. It has put a new twist in our love life and we feel thirty years old again.

— Byron, 51

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