Mother-In-Law's Bathroom

On a day off one recent morning, I was having a quiet cup of coffee after my wife left for work. Her mother rang all in a flap as she had no water in the bathroom and could hear water gushing under the house. I grabbed my tools and made the short drive to her place. She was still in her dressing gown when I arrived and came outside as I turned off the water mains. I had no choice but to crawl under the house and was soon lying in a pool of muddy water under her bathroom. As I capped the water pipe feeding her shower, I noticed that a heating duct to her bedroom had come away a little from a floor vent. I crawled over to fix it when through the slats in the vent, I saw my mother-in-law enter the bedroom and remove her dressing gown. I quietly watched as she took off her nightie and stood there in just her creamy white granny panties. I watched for the next five or six minutes as she made the bed and tidied the room; her big juicy butt wiggling with her every move. As she stepped out of my line of sight, I saw her panties tossed onto the bed before she reappeared wearing another silky pink pair. She then put on her dressing gown and walked out to the hallway where she called out to me. I quickly repositioned the vent duct and began to crawl back out to the manhole. She was waiting at the back door as I came out covered head to toe in muddied water. Stepping into the washroom, I took off my boots and t-shirt as she placed them atop the washing machine. Her gown was only loosely tied and I could see down her cleavage and even part of her belly. At one point, I caught a brief glimpse of her privates as her robe parted for a moment. Then she told me to undress and that there was no need to be shy as we were all family. I was soon down to my muddied white jocks, certain things betraying my enjoyment of what was happening. She said I'd have to clean up, but I explained that the shower was now out of action. She was soon filling the bath and I watched her bent over the tub, admiring her backside. She said I'd need someone to help wash my back, and for the next ten or so minutes, I lavished in the bath as she soaped up every part of me except the part that was crying out for attention. When I pointed to it she laughed and said it wasn't for her to wash it. When I finally got out she helped dry me, and this time she toweled me off all over as she smiled up at me. When she said she didn't know what to give me to wear, I told her I didn't mind at all if I just stayed naked. So, I spent the next couple of hours like that as she washed and dried my clothes. But no matter how much I tried, she refused to touch me intimately or relieve me. In frustration, I asked if she'd mind if I relieved myself. She readily agreed, and I sat back and did it right in front of my seventy-one year old mother-in-law as she watched, smiling from ear to ear. Later as I was leaving, I thanked her for everything. She told me I could drop by for a bath anytime I needed to.

— Warren, 50

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