Wife Caught Naked

After consuming a little too much wine over lunch in our hotel room some years ago, my wife and I decided to go for a swim in the pool. I had put on my shorts and was pushing the overloaded lunch trolley out into the hallway when the dishes began to slide, some falling to the floor. Hearing the racket, my wife came running from the bathroom just as my foot holding open the heavy door began to slip, leaving me locked out in the hall. She opened the door just a little and saw me standing there precariously balancing the remaining plates on the trolley and unable to move. I called to her to give me a hand, but she protested that she was naked. I assured her no one was around, and after glancing left and right, she stepped out to help me. When a plate slid off the trolley and fell to the floor, she lunged for it, inadvertently letting the door slam shut behind her. She seemed a little panicked at first, but when the old guy across the hall opened his door and asked if we were ok, she began to giggle as she explained what had happened. He seemed delighted as he came up to us, his eyes all over my wife's magnificent nude body. She just stood there, not even trying to cover herself. After a couple of minutes trying to open the door, he offered us use of his phone to call the front desk. My wife went with him as I waited outside. I could see her in his room just standing there naked, openly talking with him and using the phone as he just ogled her. They came back out just as one hotel employee came along, and then two others. Now my wife was standing completely naked as five men struggled to open the door. The hotel employees and the old guy just couldn't stop looking at her as she joked and flirted with them. When they finally got the door open, they all lingered in our room for several minutes as my wife still made no effort to cover herself. This was the beginning of many episodes of my wife allowing herself to be 'caught' naked.

— David, 51

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