Lesson Learned

I recently started dating a married lady, something I never saw myself ever doing. This lady's husband doesn't give her enough affection. Instead, he gives all of his affection to their young child. I like this girl, but I now think she loves me. I know she wouldn't leave her husband. I am thankful for that because I am not a family person. Moreover, I now think it is wrong, so I called it quits. We are just friends now, but I know I would want sex if I'd see her. She's got a high sex drive, and I do too. I'm just mad that I couldn't fulfill all of my sexual fantasies before letting her go. To sum it all up, I made her mad one day and she asked me not to contact her anymore. But then only a minute later she called me back and said she was sorry. I've decided not to contact her anymore because I think that girl is crazy, and I might get into trouble being friends with her. This girl is a nympho. I've learn my lesson now to never mess with a married girl.

— Clyde, 23

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