New Workout Partner

I have always been turned on by my wife's body. She is into fitness and goes to the gym every day. She usually goes earlier than me, but sometimes we work out at the same time. One time a few weeks ago when we were at the gym together, I noticed a guy checking her out. I told her about it afterwards, and she said, "Yeah, I saw him looking at me, too. He was pretty hot." I told her that she should flirt with him a little bit and see how far he would push things with her. Well, a few days after that, she came home from the gym with a story for me. She had been working out in one of her skimpy sports bras and a pair of running shorts, showing off her lean, muscled body. As she watched in the mirror, she realized that the same guy was looking at her. Not just looking at her, but staring at her. After she finished that exercise, she went up to him and asked if he was waiting for that machine. He told her he wasn't waiting for the machine; he just got distracted by her and apologized for staring. My sexy wife just smiled at him and told him she had no problem with hotties like him staring at her. He asked her if it was okay if he kept watching her and she told him to watch all he wanted, but that she would probably be checking him out, too. She went back to her exercise, and they locked eyes as she lifted her weights. His eyes went up and down her gorgeous body, never looking away. She felt herself getting aroused by his attention, so she went to another machine across the gym to see if he would follow. Of course, he followed her and pretended to use a piece of equipment next to hers, situating himself so he could still see her in the mirror. She was aware of how her muscles flexed and made sure to flex them extra hard for the show she was giving him. When she was done, he was still staring at her, so she looked at him in the mirror and flexed her biceps for him. He made a little moan and looked down at his package. She followed his eyes and realized that he was very aroused by her. My wife looked around to see if anybody was watching them, and then stood in front of him, putting her hand on his shoulder, and told him she was sorry for causing such a problem and that she wanted to help him take care of it. They went into the parking lot and got into his car where he revealed his excitement for her. She told me he was much bigger than me and how much she enjoyed oral sex with him. After she finished satisfying him, she went back to finish her workout and he drove away. As she told me this story from her workout, I couldn't stand it anymore and attacked her. I did my best to make her forget her sexy lover, but I know she was thinking of him as I took her. Even though I am jealous, I think it turns me on even more knowing that my sexy wife has a new workout partner!

— Bruce, 36

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