Picnic Surprise

I have been trying to get my wife to have sex with another man for years. So, I set her up and it worked. We went to a local park last weekend and had a picnic. I got her to drink three quarters of a bottle of wine. I then took her back on a trail and started playing with her. I got her naked, and then she began to pleasure me. As she was giving me oral sex, another guy walked up on us. She thought it was by surprise, but actually I had already set this up with a guy I met on the internet. She was shocked, but I told her to keep going. He then unzipped his pants and I was shocked at how fast she started going at it with him. I stepped back and he took my spot; she then went right to work on him. I watched from a few feet away and I was excited by the show. When he was finished, he left. I came over and gave her a kiss and told her how sexy she looked. It was amazing!

— Jerry, 53

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