Wife's Little Helper

Our job schedules have gotten very hectic this last month, so I kicked in and helped with the housework as my outside chores have let up. I found myself doing a lot in the evenings while my wife worked from her laptop. She commented how nice everything was and that the maid has done a great job. This continued for a few weeks and she kept making the comments. I decided to get a butler's outfit as a joke, but came across a French maid costume and figured she would get a laugh out of it. As she peered over her computer screen, she saw me vacuuming with the outfit on. This turned her into a horny maniac; she all but seduced me there and then on the kitchen table. She said from that point on, if I was to wear the maid's outfit and to do all the cleaning, I would receive sexual favors any time I desired. I will definitely do as she says.

— Santiago, 31

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