College Fun

When my wife and I were in college back in the mid seventies, we were always dead broke. Not having any fun money, we found things to do that did not take money. We lived in married student housing and made friends with a couple several units down. He and I had the same major, but I was a year ahead. We started getting together on Friday nights to play board games and if we had any money, drink a beer. Some how one night, the idea of swapping partners came up. All four of us thought it sounded fun. My wife wanted her own bed and was strong on that. As the night came to an end, I watched my wife walk down the sidewalk with another man. Knowing what was going to happen was very hard on me. I had never had sex with anyone but her. My stomach sunk, my fears build up, and I was a wreck. His wife came to me and put her arms around me in comfort. My wife was much better looking than his, but his had breasts so big I could get lost in them. My discomfort at seeing my wife walk down the sidewalk disappeared as kisses were exchanged. The next morning, I returned to find a tired but satisfied wife waiting for me. This first sharing was the hardest. We started doing it almost every Friday for the next couple of years until I finished my schooling and we moved away. We never did it again, as our family started. We have now been married over thirty-five years and still look back on that time with excitement.

— Allen, 58

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