Fond Memories

My first oral sex occurred when I was younger and my older step-cousin was visiting. One night when we were in bed, he started wrestling with me and pinned me down by sitting on me. He asked me if I had ever played with another guy's manhood before. When I said no, he took his out and held it in front of my face and said, "This is for you, if you would like to try." This excited me for sure. He took my hand and placed in on him and then said, "Play with me." This was very exciting and fun. I then gave him oral sex. After this experience was over, he swore me to secrecy, which I agreed to. Later that night, I did it again and this continued every night after for his entire two week vacation trip. This was my first time and I never got to do it with him again as his family moved to the mid-west. Several years later, he was killed in the service. Yes, I still continue to provide oral service to certain people, but my fondest memories are for my first time with my step-cousin.

— Martin, 33

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