Sorority Sister For Life

After the campus went home for Christmas break, I discovered that a few of the girls in the neighboring house had stayed behind. They invited me to a party one night and I was one guy together with four girls. After some pretty hard drinking games, they wanted to turn it into a slumber party. This proceeded to get exciting and they painted toe nails, styled hair, and even some bikini waxing; all of which I participated in and enjoyed. A few drinks later, I was trying on nighties, panties, and bras. Then somehow, Sandy appeared with a strap-on and said, "You've gone this far acting as one of the girls, can you handle this?" Let's just say I passed the test. All four girls took turns on me and I lost my virginity in all areas. We now have regular slumber parties and I am the only male sister among sometimes as many as eight girls. I am hooked.

— Gavin, 21

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