Strange Encounter

I love my girl very much. I have been with her for twelve years. I have a strange fascination of watching her have sex with other men. She can have any man she wants. I can not get enough of her seducing and flirting with friends and people we meet. One particular night, we were on an adult internet site and got talking to some male who we discovered lived just down the road. We ended up asking him over at around 3:00 AM without knowing his real name or who he was. When he arrived, I left the room to get some drinks. When I returned, I found them locked together in a passionate kiss. I left the room again and watched from the door. They ended up giving each other oral sex. After he was done, he said he had to leave before his wife noticed him gone. We didn't even get his name. I let a total stranger walk into my home, strip my girl, treat her like a total slut, and then just walk out. I absolutely loved it. This is not the first time this has happened with a complete stranger in my home. It won't be the last.

— Lucas, 40

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