Check-Out Flirt

My wife Colleen is thirty-eight years old and we have been married for fifteen years. She is a very outgoing, attractive, plus-sized woman with massive breasts and a huge rear end. The past five years she has worked as a cashier at a large, busy, local supermarket. I admit that she does dress to accentuate her rather large attributes, but I found it hard to believe her when she would come home and tell me about all the men that would flirt with her as they went through her check-out. Some days, she would come home with ten or fifteen phone numbers that guys would just give her! She admits that she loves the attention, and loves it when men stare at her cleavage. She openly flirts with all the men, especially the husbands shopping with their wives. She confessed to me about a year ago that she would like to do more than flirt with some of her customers and after some serious soul searching, I agreed that she could date outside our marriage as long as she only dated married men. To be honest, I find it exciting knowing that my wife is so desirable to so many other men and I don't mind sharing.

— Brett, 42

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