A Wife Like Mine

My wife and I have been married for five years and although we are both in our forties, our sex life is busier than at any time in my life. To all of you who write about cheating, you should find a woman like mine! She loves to experiment with fantasies, different positions, having sex outdoors, and flirting with other men and women. Her body is incredible, and her appetite is insatiable. I would never fool around, never be with another woman (except for the women who join us in threesomes), and will always be devoted to her. The best time was when she handcuffed me to the bed and brought in her sexy friend, both dressed in lingerie. They both took turns giving me oral and sexual pleasures all night. My wrists were sore by the morning when they uncuffed me, and they had drained me of every last drop of energy. We stayed in bed all the next day, and they were gentle as they continued to have their way with me. If only every man could have a wife like mine, there would be no more cheating!

— Eli, 34

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