Sharing The Memories

For eighteen years, my wife and I had a wonderful sex life. It was common for us to have sex at least two or three times a week. After the birth of fourth child, it seemed she had an insatiable desire for sex. We had a small business and had always worked together. I tried many things to satisfy her. We made love in many places. One of the most exciting was in a hay meadow on a beautiful summer evening. We drove several miles into a hay meadow and parked by a bale of hay. Striping off all of our clothing, we spread a blanket on hay bale and really made out. The feel of a summer breeze flowing over our sweating bodies added to the sensation. We had an accountant and financial advisor for our business. He was about twenty years older than we were. He was a leader in the business community and his church. My wife kept the books for our business and I always felt there was no danger in her being around him. He would come to the business in the middle of the morning and take us out for dinner. We always had several employees around the plant. After a few years, he moved his office to his house. He was happily married and had a married daughter the age of my wife. The home was very beautiful and large. Now, my wife was approaching forty years old and she could do a mini skirt justice and enjoyed wearing them. He continued to come to our business to check the books until finally he asked if my wife could bring them over to his office. My wife and I have always been honest and forthright with each other. I asked my wife, "Do you have any problem going over to his house?" My wife said, "No, his wife will be there." So, the first meeting with the books happened. My wife returned and reported everything went just great, but she had to leave the books there and would have to go back. He would call when they were ready. The call came and I had a strange feeling. I told her as she left to watch herself. She came back and I asked her how it went. "Just fine, except he was sure interested in the necklace I had on and he managed bump me on the butt as I left," she replied. My wife and I ended up having a good talk about it. I said, "I know I have not been able to satisfy your sexual needs even at two or three times a week. Are you going to be able to resist his advances or do you feel you will go for it if the opportunity arises?" She replied, "Well, he is nice and attractive, but I will not do anything to promote a situation or make it happen." "But, you would take him if things were right?" I asked. "I guess so," she said. I made sure she knew the ground rules after that. "Always remember you have four children, the youngest being four. No all-nighters. You must be home at the children's bedtime. I must know where you are going. If he hits you or hurts you, I must be told. I want a complete story of what happened, in detail, telling me about your feelings and reactions." A phone call came and I knew when she left that it was going to happen. She was dressed in her shortest mini skirt and a shear white blouse, which showed a lacey bra. I continued with my work, thinking about all that might be going on. I went home and the children greeted me with, "Where is mom?" "She is doing some shopping and will be coming home soon," I told them. She came home shortly after that and I knew it had happened. I had never seen such beauty as she walked into the house. She gave me a "thumbs up" sign and then I had to endure that awful wait until I could hear all the details in our bed. She told me that she had taken the books and they were working at his desk. He had a jumpsuit on and all of a sudden, he was rubbing his foot up her leg. "It was driving me mad," she told me. Finally he asked her, "Do you want to go to bed?" They got up and headed to the bedroom. She asked him about his wife coming home. "She's out of town," was his answer. With the excitement he was showing, she knew she was in for a good one. She slowly undressed, then presented herself to a man other than her husband. She was excited and knew there was no stopping at this point. By this time, she was ready for anything. They made love for quite some time and afterwards, she was sweating and asked if she could take a shower. My wife told me this while we were in bed and you can imagine what happened. By the time she told me what had transpired, we were roaring hot. I managed to knock off two times that night, and one in the morning. Quite a gal; four times in less than twenty-four hours. This went on for about fifteen years until I sold the business and we moved out of state. It happened many years ago as I am seventy-nine now, and we have been married for fifty-eight years. Ah, but the memories. Even though our sex life is over, I was glad we got to try Viagra before my heart said, "No."

— Earl, 79

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