Call Me Crazy

After reading several of the previously posted confessions, I am compelled to confess the shocking news that I have been married for thirty-five years, and I have never in my life had sexual intercourse with anyone other than my wife. There was this very wonderful young lady I dated for a year in high school who wanted to make love with me before she left for college, but I just saw that as wrong for both of us in many ways. I declined her invitation, even though I was crazy about her at the time. That school year we called each other every day. At college, she met another nice guy and they married two years after she and I had broken up. I and my future wife attended their wedding, but considering various matters, we did not stay in touch with my former girlfriend and her husband. I did hear that they are still married. As for wearing ladies underwear (a popular subject of many previously posted confessions), there was a Sunday many years ago when my wife and I had made love twice that afternoon. It was an incredible afternoon, to say the least. She wanted more, but I was rather tired, sorry to say. Seeing me falling asleep naked, she (also naked) decided to get a little crazy and she tied my wrists to the bed posts, which she had never done before. Then, she pulled her lacy panties up my legs and on to my bottom rather than hers. She proceeded to play with me and touch me to get me turned on again. She meant well, but the concept didn't work. We never tried it again and we never did make love a third time that afternoon. Many, many times my wonderful wife has gone out of her way to make me happy. She said I was the kindest person she had ever known. Why would I want to make love to anyone but her?

— Greg, 56

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