Wife's Friendly Goodbye

We were friends with another couple for years, and became very close. His wife became insecure with how close her husband was getting with both of us and she backed off from the friendship. He still called us to get together and described how she was really pulling back from their marriage. His wife actually sleeps in a separate bed. My wife and I met him for a few drinks one night and he let us know that the sexual tension was getting to him. We had just enough drinks for both of us to agree, so before we left we got into his truck and she gave him oral sex. He thanked us and left. The next time we met, he told us that he came close to cheating on his wife. My wife didn't mind servicing him before, so we told him that she would give him oral sex if he would stay faithful to her. So we meet him for a beer about twice a month and she says goodbye to him in his truck topless while giving him oral.

— Ted, 43

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