No Regrets

This guy and knew each other sense grade school. We were in sports and other school activities, but never buddies; just sort of distant friends. He lived in a remote, but super nice house on a county road. Late one afternoon when I was heading home from my summer job, I spotted someone standing next to his ATV. For the heck of it, I pulled in for a chat and there stood this chick. It was him standing there in a mini skirt and heels. There was no way for him to hide. He turned red and all I could say was, "Wow, Wow." After the shock and a weird chat, I showered and ended up with shaved legs, wearing panties, a mini skirt, and a bra. The next morning, I drove back to work with ear studs and polish on my toes. I went there again during the summer. No regrets.

— Chet, 23

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