Intro To Swinging

My wife Judy has always enjoyed teasing other guys with her good body and especially nice breasts, I think as much for my enjoyment as for hers. Her best friend Dawn wasn't quite as well endowed as Judy and has made no secret of being envious of her breasts. Her husband Kevin had also admitted to me that he wished Dawn's breasts were as nice as Judy's. One day, Michele came home and announced that Dawn had gotten breast augmentation and that they were quite large and good looking. Before I could stop myself, I blurted out, "Wow, I'd sure like to see them!" Judy smiled and said, "I'm sure she would show them to you if you asked her." Then she paused a moment and asked, "Would you be upset if I showed my breasts to Kevin?" I replied, "No, in fact it's kind of exciting just thinking about him looking at your breasts, I know he would love to see them, too!" A couple of weeks later, Kevin and Dawn invited us over for dinner. We had a leisurely dinner with lots of wine and afterwards, Kevin and I went to their den to relax and have some cognac. Shortly, Judy and Dawn joined us; Dawn sitting on the sofa beside me and Judy sat next to Kevin. The wives were kind of quiet and were sharing smiles and glances when Dawn spoke up and said to me, "So, Judy tells me you'd like to get a look at my new breasts." I wanted to say, "Yes I would," but I hesitated and looked over at Kevin. He just grinned said, "You'll really like them; I certainly do." Without hesitating, Dawn slipped the straps of her dress down over her shoulders, fully exposing her breasts, and said, "How do you like these puppies?" I just stared for a moment. They were beautiful and I didn't want to take my eyes off them. I said, "My compliments to your doctor, they are fantastic." Then Kevin said, "You know, I've always admired Judy's breasts; I think it's only fair that she show me hers." The only thing more exciting than looking at Dawn topless was the idea of Judy showing off for Kevin. Judy looked over at me and I think she could read my mind, as she took off her blouse and displayed herself to Kevin. I don't know which was more exciting, looking at Dawn's luscious breasts, or watching Kevin stare at Judy's. We all made out for a while, both of us totally enjoying each others' wives' breasts. Then Judy and Dawn both stood up and dropped their skirts and panties to the floor. Kevin and I almost tore our clothes off. The festivities continued until morning and since then, we have repeated that night many, many times.

— Matt, 35

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