Wife Helps Get the Job Done

This spring, I was sent to Mexico on my first general construction job to see if I could finish a construction project that was three months overdue. I soon found the reason it was overdue was because most of the laborers only showed up when they were broke. I had less than half of the laborers I needed. I rented an apartment with a balcony facing the site and brought my twenty-five year old wife to stay with me. While she was there, I convinced her to lay out topless on the patio during lunch and make another appearance later in the afternoon each day. She was a real sport and made sure she waved and smiled to the guys. By the second week, she loved the attention and started laying out nude. I got a lot of great sex while we were there, and it only took a matter of days until I had a record turn out. My wife got a great all-over tan and I got the job done a week ahead of schedule.

— Jason, 28

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