Older Women Are Better

My lifelong friend Chet has a hot mother. She is forty-two with four kids and looks great. I always kind of had a thing for her, and when she finally divorced, she went through a tough time. One day, I got the nerve to ask her out. Chet didn't care since I always was telling him that I wanted to sleep with his mom anyway. After getting back to her place, she told me to wait as she wanted to slip into something else. Let's just say when she came out of her room, it was a little more than I bargained for. She stood there with nothing but her bra and panties on. She ordered me to strip down to nothing and, after throwing me onto her bed, she told me to make her feel young again. I had the best sex I ever had. Sometimes, we still get together and have great sex. I have even considered doing a three-way with her and her very hot best friend. Sorry to say, older hot women put young women to shame.

— Drew, 25

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