What Fantasies Are Made Of

Let me start by telling you a bit about my wife. My wife is a very private person. If there is cleavage shown, it is just enough to confirm that yes, there are breasts under there; but never enough to actually see anything. We were on vacation to Mexico one time. As the night went on, I was able to get my wife to have about five drinks due to the music and people watching at a popular local Cantina. Normally, she has only about two maximum. She did wear a nice gold metal top that has small scales like a fish. It had a bare, totally missing, back that ties with a shoelace type of string around the neck and around the back. She also had a mini skirt and no panties on. This was her way of trying to look sexy, but then, due to being over modest, she put on another shirt. Her legs were kept closed so that I could only see the tops and limited sides of them and nothing more. Well, what is the good in that? I can see her naked at home anytime. For me it is the thrill of seeing down the shirt or under the arms for a side shot of breast, and hopefully someone will see what I've got. I know that may sound bad but, she really should loosen up. So as the night went along, she did loosen up. She noticed that she had drank more than me, and requested that I have another. I said that I would, but she was to take the extra shirt off and I needed to adjust those strings. She limited me to one inch of string. Well, I ordered both of us another drink, then took the one inch and pushed it to two inches without her realizing it. Another drink about fifteen minutes later and I got another two to three inches of string. The next job was those strings around the back. About the third drink, I adjusted them out looser about four inches in one shot. Finally, she seemed to have had enough to drink that she didn't notice my bold move; or was it that she didn't care at this point? Either way, I was flying high. The view was great. Each time she would move her arms, her breasts almost fell out the side. If she was sitting up straight, her breasts were an easy down-blouse view. So, we are there at the table and by this time, she is so far gone that she is cheering for the couples dancing out on the dance floor. I am not much of a dancer, but this was too good an opportunity to pass up. Out to the dance floor we went. Her top was dripping off and she was so drunk, it was an experience that would provide me fantasies for life. A few hours later and another three drinks, her top strings were about four inches lower and the ones holding the sides that go around the back were at their limit. Basically, I ran out of string and had to stop there, but oh my, was I in heaven. She was spinning around that dance floor and so loose that she was rubbing against this black man as he was dancing with his woman. He turned to notice the contact, but seeing who and what, he focused on his own woman and I am sure was loving life himself at that point. There he was with his own hot lady, and my hot lady was literally rubbing herself up and down his back. As she rubbed up, the cleavage exposed and those top strings were stretched to the limit of what they could handle. As she rubbed down, the back strings were stretched out. Either way, those breasts were being pushed either almost out of the top or almost out the sides. Again, oh my! About thirty minutes into it, she started to feel sick and went into the restroom. Later, I took her back to the room. Upon arrival, the doorman, a handsome Mexican, said he would get a wheelchair due to her condition. She was passed out and being lower in the chair, she was very exposed. She didn't even notice or care as she was being pushed through the lobby and up to the room. Yep, it was all there exposed. Keep in mind that this is around one in the morning, so it's not as busy as during the day and no children were around. It was just a very focused group of mostly men who watched in. We entered the elevator, but he had to grab something from the desk and said he would be right back. As soon as he was gone, I untied the top strings so they would fall open if she moved much. It would look like an accident. He returned to the elevator and up we went. He wheeled her into the bedroom and helped me lift her from the wheelchair to the bed. Right on cue, her top fell down and exposed those beautiful breasts. He looked at me, smiled, and continued sliding her back farther until her legs were just over the bed. She was out cold. He commented that it must have been some night and we visited for about three minutes. I think he wanted to talk about anything so he could keep the view going. I asked him to wait for a moment so I could get a warm wash rag to freshen her up a bit, and he was all too happy to wait and enjoy the view of my almost naked wife. I returned and saw her lifting her legs to support herself and trying to move back another foot or so, but she was so out of it, her legs made it up to her butt then dropped open full spread eagle. There was my wife totally exposed with the doorman standing there very much enjoying the show. I asked him to help me get her skirt off so I could get her cleaned up, and he again was all too happy to help. Off came the skirt, which by this time didn't make much of a difference in the view. Next, off came the last string of her top. He was on one side of my naked wife and I was on the other. Now, I would never want another man to actually have sex with my wife, but watching her totally naked with me right there was what fantasies are made of for this man. I would replay this in my mind for years and still get excited. I used the warm rag to clean her face, clean down the cleavage and then down to her legs. The whole time, my assistant was all to happy to help me hold her up and keep one hand on her legs so they would stay exposed. I cleaned her up, but then it was time for the doorman to leave before he or we got in trouble. I thanked him for helping and offered him a tip, but he refused as he looked at my wife lying there totally naked. I think he got the best tip that night and I am sure his own wife later received a benefit from it as well. Many years have passed since that night, and I have yet to get her to replay it. The hangover was bad, but the memories were worth it.

— Bryan, 48

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