Photo Shoot

For my birthday one year, my wife Nicole did a boudoir photography photo shoot for me. I had dropped some pretty strong hints that I wanted one and I loved the photos. Nicole is completely hot with a perfect body and I always thought she would have been an awesome playboy centerfold. Anyway, as much as I liked the photos, I wished that they had been a little more revealing. Mostly they were lingerie photos with a couple of outfits that you could see through a little. No nudes. One day, the idea came to me that there might have been other photos that were like outtakes or something and weren't included in my package of photos. So, I called the photographer and made an appointment to come down to the studio and see him. He was a middle aged guy named Ben and at first seemed nervous, but after he realized that I liked the photos, he loosened up. I asked him about the possibility of there being some other shots that didn't make it into my gift package and he said he would check. He went back into his office and came back a little while later with a handful of photos. He said that my wife had selected the ones she wanted for me and told him that the others were too racy. When I looked at the new photos they were extremely racy. She was nude or nearly nude in all of them. I told the photographer that I wanted to buy the other prints and that I would like to hire him for another shoot. Only this time, he was to see how far he could get Nicole to push the envelope. He asked me if there were any limitations and I told him no, although I did not want Nicole in any way harmed or forced into anything. He said he would set it up for two weeks off. When I got home, I told Nicole that I had arranged another shoot for her. She was very reluctant and wanted to know everything about my conversation with Ben. All I told her was that I had liked his photos and wanted some more. She asked what the new photos were to be like and I told her similar to the first ones. She still seemed reluctant and said she was afraid I would think less of her if she went too far. So, I told her that it was something I really wanted and all she had to do was show up for an afternoon and do whatever the photographer told her. I promised that no matter what, I would never think less of her. The day of the shoot came and Nicole went out the door with a gym bag full of lingerie. Six hours later, she came home looking a little flushed and I asked her how things had gone. She said they went fine and when I asked what kind of pictures she had taken she said, "Similar to last time, but I took off a little more clothing." She pretty quickly went to take a shower and I immediately called Ben. When I asked him how it all went and how far he had been able to get Nicole to go, he let me know that she had gone very, very far. He said, "You can judge for yourself, but I got her to perform with a male model I brought in and things got pretty hot." Now, I was flushed and out of breath. The next day when I went Ben's studio, he told me that Nicole had begged him to keep her pictures with the model secret like last time. But Ben was on my payroll now and he brought them all out. When Ben handed them to me he said, "Just remember, you said no limits." My jaw hit the floor when I saw my hot little Nicole in just about every position imaginable with two men. One of them was Ben and the other was this very large (in every way) man with a bald head and mustache who looked like a biker. Ben handed me a video tape and said, "Oh yeah, here's a little something extra. I videotaped the whole thing." I have never let Nicole know that I have all the material from the shoot and when she gave me the tamer version a week or so later, I acted happy and surprised. But when she's out of the house, I get the video out and watch.

— Jonathan, 36

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